Tuesday Tunes: Sons and Daughters

I LOVED this band. Still do. Sadly, I have never meet another person who is even remotely aware of Sons and Daughters. I can't even remember how I stumbled onto them. Possibly at a music festival or as an opening band for Franz Ferdinand. Basically, if you have a woman in your band, not just as a lead singer but also on instruments, I'll give you a listen. It may not be my thing -- coughHAIMcough -- but I'll give it a go. As it turned out, S&D's first two albums Love the Cup and Repulsion, were my daily driving discs for a few years in the aughts. 

Sons and Daughters were a band from Glasgow, Scotland that played off a cool call-and-answer lyrical format between the two leads, Adele and Scott. It was kinda rootsy, Americana music that was modernized into rock music, if that makes sense.  Oh and the accents were AMAZING.

Love them. Wish more people did too.

And here they are live: