Saturday Songs (Sorry, I forgot Tuesday Tunes)

Here's what I was listening to during my three weeks in Melbourne. Sorry for the lack of dispatches. I had these grand plans that were completely derailed by that shitty flu/cold thing that was going around. 

Heard this in a store. I actually Shazam'd it. It was groovy. 

My Aussie roommate will out me on this one anyway: I could not stop singing/humming this for the last 48 hours. No idea how it started. But it happened. Not proud.

THE band that I kept going back to. Their new album is, no surprise, great. 

I am seeing them later this month so I am crazy excited and trying to memorize all the new stuff in the same way their first seven albums are scrawled on my heart.

At some point during my stay in Melbourne did I stand in the middle of a street in Fitzroy yelling "SHE DOESN'T LOOK A THING LIKE JESUS BUT HE TALKS LIKE A HURRICANE" over and over and over again while waiting for a tram? (Note: Those are not the actual lyrics).