Tuesday Tunes: A Salute to Kathleen Hanna, Legend.

I read this great interview with Kathleen Hanna over at The A.V. Club and it was so great. She's is a badass icon and a woman you don't want to mess with. Not only did she inspire Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and light things up as the lead-singer of one of the most seminal 90s bands Bikini Kill, but she's continuing to make music and art in her unapologetically weird and unstoppable way. 

And if you haven't seen the documentary on her, The Punk Singer, you should. It's streaming on Netflix. 

It all starts here. Obviously.

Her scream unlocks my soul. That sounds weird. It wasn't meant to.

This is often my answer to the "What would your walk out music be" question.

Not many danceable tunes can also serve as a full Feminists 101 course.

A feminist anthem for the Tavi Gevinson generation. And also me. Although I don't like writing in highlighter.

A nostalgic -- that's actually so not the word for it -- feminist anthem for our generation.

Trust: Turn it up and dance. Simple as that. You'll feel better about the world.