Belated Tuesday Tunes: The Go-Betweens

It's the return of Tuesday Tunes! But...on Wednesday! Anyway, here we go:

In honor of the Brisbane International, a tribute to my favorite Australian Band of all time: The Go Betweens. They have a bridge named after them and everything. Let's just pause and celebrate Australia for naming a major thoroughfare after an indie band. 

I went to Australia for the first time in 2011 -- as part of my whilrwhind, let's go to as many tennis tournaments as possible tour -- to go to Hopman Cup, Sydney, the Australian Open, and Fed Cup in Hobart. I was all by myself and didn't know anyone and The Go Betweens were my traveling companions for the month and a half. I stared out of windows with Robert Forster's earnest disenchantment ringing in my ears and it was lovely. 

One day when I was wandering in Melbourne -- I was staying at a hostel, so any opportunity to just get out of there and go for a walk was welcome -- I randomly ducked into a building to get some air conditioning when I saw flyers for an exhibition on Aussie pop music. I bought my ticket, walked in, and nearly cried when I saw a full section of the exhibition dedicated to the Go Betweens, with stuff from their private collections that no one had ever seen before. Kissmet.

That photo is of the violin on Quiet Heart, one of the songs that had pretty much played me to sleep the entire trip. 

Without further ado, The Go-Betweens! I love them. They top my list of Bands Who Should Be Way More Famous Than They Are. 

What would you do if you turned around and saw me beside you? I don't remember much of the rest of the song because I usually get lost in that question. 

One of the best breakup songs ever. "Part Company". So clinical. 

Ba da ba ba ba ba da ba!

I never visited Darlinghurst in Sydney so I don't really know he's talking about. Then again...I know exactly what he's talking about. 

Ahhhhh that violin!

Isn't it great when your favorite bands love your favorite bands?

See above.